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Stress and Career Change

Given the pace of life, information overload, and the daily stress that we face while living in a complex world, when you begin thinking about a career change or job search, it can feel daunting.

Career Coaching and Counseling

The mission of my career coaching work is to help you reclaim control of your personal ‘career power’, make conscious choices about your work, and push through the obstacles to make positive career change happen.

We will jointly craft a way of working together effectively based on your needs. Clients from all over the North Shore and New England come to my office in Beverly, MA. Since career counseling can be done by phone, I also work with professionals from across the U.S.

Career Transitions

Career transitions are usually overwhelming. My job is to help you put them in perspective and get beyond being stuck. “Do what you love and the money will follow”, sounds great – but how do you make it happen?

Do you need to create a career transition plan, write a dynamic resume, reframe your work identity, network effectively, determine what you really want at this point in your career, create a strong personal brand including a social media presence? I can help you get it done.

Although this site is focused on individual coaching work, The Work Strategies Company also offers corporate sponsored career development, and leadership development coaching. Call me to set up a time to talk about your needs.

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I am always interested in hearing what you think about work and how it is integrated into your life. Or is it?

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